Mali: report 2005

January 2005: The visit of the President in charge of communications and public relations, accompanied by her daughter, allowed us to have a better understanding of what is needed on the spot. The work of identifying the orphans started, but is far from being completed.

The orphaned children are numerous and new ones are arriving each week. The majorities are not recorded in the parents' marital status and are not vaccinated. Many are sick and malnourished.

Some serious cases were noticed.
In spite of the urgency, each child is thoroughly controlled and an investigation is carried out.

An activity report is drawn up.

At the end of January we counted 86 orphans.

February 2005: Children continue to flock to the orphanage. With the voluntary assistance of Tantie, midwife of the CSCOM of the Quartier Château, Sophie organizes the distribution of ? supplies?. They take advantage of this to teach the women about the importance of hygiene. 35 babies are directed to the vaccination centre of the CSCOM.

At the end of February we count 148 orphan babies.

In her management report, Sophie very cordially thanks all the generous donors and others who made it possible to widen the programme .

March 2005: The weekly distributions of milk, corn flour gruel, millet and rice continue, taking place in the CSCOM, at Sophie's home or in the courtyard of the town hall. We realize how necessary a nutritional and reception centre is . A site has already been placed at our disposal by the town hall, but we still lack the financial resources for construction, approximately CHF 150'000.00

In mid-March, the temperature starts to rise, exceeding 40°C.

A shortage of milk in Gao complicates the situation. Sophie manages to find some boxes but at a substantially higher price. We have no choice: our 213 small protégés between 0 and 5 years have good appetites!

(Community Health Centre)

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