Collective sponsorship

An equitable system

The system of sponsorship suggested by the Association d'Aide à Gao is a regular monthly payment intended, above, all to enable orphaned children from 0 to 5 years old to have access to food and a health check-up

Currently, no structure exists. These children are generally taken in by a member of their family, who does not always have the financial means of feeding an additional mouth.

Through Sophie Petronin , our programme takes care of these children from infancy in order to offer them the medical and nutritional support necessary to their development. A weekly control is carried out by Sophie, who informs the family and distributes adequate food for each child for the week.

After the age of 5, in addition to nutritional and medical aid, financial support will allow the family to send the child to school and afterwards offer training.

With 1.50 Swiss francs per day, we give each child the possibility of growing up under acceptable human conditions.

Why collective sponsorship?

There are several reasons:

As the sponsors are free to decide the amount of their monthly investment, the differences, even small ones, could generate feelings of inequality and jealousy between children or families.

The experience of NGOs which practice individual sponsorship shows that sponsors might sometimes assume too large a role and thus generate a situation which is difficult for the child to deal with.

We keep operating expenses to the minimum. According to our principles, each franc collected must be used exclusively to provide for the needs for the children. The installation of a system of individual sponsorship would undoubtedly involve significant administrative expenses, which conflicts with our principles.

We prefer collective sponsorship in accordance with the provisions of the Foundation ZEWO, a Swiss organization which assigns a quality label to the institutions of public utility, which rejects the system of individual sponsorship for the reasons mentioned above.

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