Our aid programme for cleansing the town of Gao - January 2005

In order to introduce a rubbish collection scheme to clean up the streets, if possible before the rainy season next June, the municipality asks us whether it would be possible to help them quickly find a vehicle to gather the waste from the buckets.

The rubbish collection is currently carried out by carts pulled by donkeys. This is an enormous task which will take months, and time is short.

Diseases related to the lack of hygiene are responsible for the deaths of many children, mainly the youngest who are most vulnerable.

In the rainy season, the rubbish is covered with water and epidemics spread at high speed.

As the goal of our association is to improve the children's health, it is our duty to take action regarding this issue. Indeed, cleanliness is closely related to the health of deprived populations.

During her trip to Gao in January 2005, the president of the AAG noted the urgency of the problem. She committed herself to bringing all possible help to the local authorities.

Unfortunately, the vehicle found in February 2005 could not be conveyed to Gao, as the hydraulic pump broke. However, we continue our search and hope to quickly find a machine able to clear the rubbish.

Our budget being limited, we call upon your generosity!

Can you suggest a solution?

In 2006 a generous donor gave us a digger-tractor which was sent to Gao in a 40' container.

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