Switzerland: report 2016

March 2016: Thanks to our friends SeM (Seniors en Mission), we have the chance to send 2.5 cubic metres of materials to Sophie.  A sterilizer, medical supplies and bed covers will be sent for our new Reception Centre which will open soon.

We are closely following the repair work and finishing of the centre which will be able to welcome around ten little orphans.

The damage done to the Centre in 2012 by the armed terrorist group has necessitated a lot of work and great expenditure to put it right.  The group stole or destroyed most of our supplies and furnishings.

Many thanks to our generous donors who have enabled us to pay these expenses.

April 2016:  Unfortunately, our General Assembly was poorly attended this year.  However, it took place in a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere and we ended, as usual, with refreshments.

November 2016:  Twice a year, the Richelieu International organises an evening of theatre and donates the proceeds of ticket sales to charitable organisations.  For the eighth time, the AAG was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of these recipient organisations.  The sale of fifty tickets will help fill the tummies of our children.  Many thanks go to the Richelieu Club, the Théâtre de l’Espérance and to the many members of the audience.


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